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i help businesses like yours grow brand email market gain customers build their website market themselves online build a list get more leads


About Me!

Photos by  Lena Mirisola

Photos by Lena Mirisola

My name is Chris,

I am a marketing consultant in Boston, I like to say my job is turning companies into brands… brands that people want to buy from.

Here’s a few quick facts about me;

  • Live in Boston, MA

  • Marketer for 3 years

  • Photographer for 5 years

  • Focused on Tech & E-Comm Companies

  • Data-driven

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Getting Started 


  • Great everything, customers are loving it.

  • Everyone is able to understand and use the website right from the get-go.

  • You’re paying for hosting and the sites barely returning on that investment.



  • Great business, great product, however, the website isn’t making any customers come rushing to buy.

  • Frequent customers have had to “learn” how-to use the website and new visitors are left confused.

  • Site is making up a majority of income :)

Services I Offer

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Website Design

Email Marketing

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Online Ads