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I am a wedding planner — ahem, your wedding bestie.

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So, you’re most likely in the beginning or middle of wedding planning and you’re STRESSED. Most likely because you haven’t planned/worked 200+ weddings like myself, or because you just want to marry the person you love without months of having to budget, inquire, and do everything else for booking venues, vendors, hair and make, and everything else.

You came to the right place for help.

Although, your maid-of-honor is an amazing person, please don’t have her plan your wedding. Nothing against her, just it’ll stress her out… leave it to someone who’s job it is to plan the wedding.

Let’s talk about how we get it DONE.

First, you inquire, click here if you’re ready to already — after you inquire we hop on the phone, so we can chat about your wedding vision and what you’re looking for in a venue, in a ceremony, and just in general.

After our call I’ll send along a long personalized email with all my first impressions of how I think we should get everything planned and the best venues to tour… no worries, I can setup the venue tours and meetings for you!


About Me

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Hey! My name is Chris,

I am a Boston Wedding Planner, Wedding Photographer, and a marketing consultant.

I have been a wedding photographer for 5 crazy years, aka, 5 years worth of stories!

After hearing a lot of brides be stressed out about their wedding I decided to learn how to plan weddings.

So, I did my research, reading every wedding blog out there, learning from pros, reading books, and much more.



Wedding Helper


  • Help 3 months before the wedding

  • Venue Suggestions

  • Vendor Suggestions

  • Seating Plan Help

  • Flower Selection Help

  • Planning Help & Timeline

  • Coordinating with the Venue

  • Week of Guide

Bride's Friend


Everything in Bridal Helper Plus;

  • Help 6 months before the wedding

  • I’ll join the venue tour to help with your “must-haves” list

  • Wedding Dress Designer Suggestions

  • Helpful Discounts + Partnerships

  • Menu Help

  • Reception Games & Design

  • Table Decor

  • DJ Coordination

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