Chris Cardone

Marketing Consultant | Norton, MA


Experienced content and email marketing consultant with a background in website design and website optimization for conversion.


Sales and marketing Operations, New England Ice Cream Corp. — Jan 2019-Present

Beginning by rebuilding their sales and marketing systems using Salesforce and aiding their sales team in acquiring more deals!

Marketing Intern, Plannuh — 2017-Present

Responsible for content marketing, email marketing, and social outreach. Created a following through podcasts and case study blog posts. Along with producing our podcast series to reach audiences naturally and curate a following.

Content and Partner Marketing, C&C Design Studio — 2016-jan, 2019

Responsible for rebuilding the brand on all online fronts, created a sales and marketing process, along with producing content and hosting webinars for our blog.

In addition to;

  • Sales and marketing programs resulted in 300% growth in sales

  • Created a client portal to elevate the experience and create a community

  • Built our application stack to work seamlessly through sales, marketing, and support

Marketing Consultant, Mabrouk Imports — 2015-2017

Innovated online presence to enable e-commerce, implemented an email marketing program and introduced content personalization via A/B audience testing on sales conversions. 


Boston’s top 50 Entrepreneurs — Boston voyager

Boston’s top 50 wedding planners — The Knot


University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, School of Business — Marketing, 2019-2023


Email content curation, blog rundowns to generate revisit traffic. Blog content curation to generate natural SEO and introduce leads to the brand. Website design and optimization to educate buyers and reduce the time span of the purchase process. Along with webinar and podcast promotion and production.


Robin Howard, C&C Design Studio — View Letter of Recommendation

Perter Mahoney, Plannuh, Inc. — View Letter of Recommendation

Message for recruiters: If you think I’d work great for a role I am so happy! Please send me an introduction email so I can look into the company, please, do not add me to the application stack without first informing me. Thank you!