the process.png

Let’s do this

But first, let’s go over how we get it done.

Step 1

Contracts signed, deposits made, and excitement is at an all-time-high!

Time for the kick-off call!

Unlike the consultation call before the contract and all that, this is the call we have to discuss in-depth your dream website.

About 3-10 days after this call you get a draft site (or sketch) mattering on hosting platform.

Step 2

Draft website in hand, revisions noted, and you cannot wait to show your customers!

Time for the assets!

Every website needs photos, videos, gifs, etc. So, we need to pull those together.

First let’s begin with photos, you NEED to have a branding session — unless you’re a big corporate company who relies on graphics a branding session is a must.

Here are my preferred photographers;

Second, we need some graphics! I can design and pull together some, however, I have a max of 10 graphics designed by me, after that it’s truly best to pull in a graphic designer.

Third, let’s get some videos! Customer success stories, personal about you, meet the team, the options are endless…

Lastly, send along any must-have copy for the website.

 Step 3

We’re almost done!!

Time to see the final draft!

Now the website has all those amazing assets, the right colors, some great quotes, everything anyone could ask for!

All you have to do is look it over and send back your feedback.

Step 4

aka, the hug goodbye.

Time to launch!

Your website is everything you’ve dreamed of, and now it’s time to share it with the world.

Our time here would then be done, however, if you need anything you’d have 24/7 access to me via email!