The Hands-on plan begins at $1299 and includes a full 1-20 page website with 1-3 blogs in just two-months!


  • People who have time and the ability to create their own marketing copy and has time to do so.
  • People who


  • People who are extremely busy
  • People who aren't good at email/marketing writing
  • People who need a hands on designer

Let's talk timelines: this whole process takes 2-3 months ⚡️


DAY ONE: We do our consultation call to chat about your specific needs and how you need the website to work/look, etc.

-- I create a customized set of "homework" for you --

DAY THREE: You'll get a nice email from me going over everything I need from you, like the copy, images, content, blogs, etc.

This list is going to take about 2-3 weeks for you to complete, however, this is the whole "heavy-lifting" which once your done gets the website done super quick.

WEEK 3: You send back everything.

WEEK 3 + 4 DAYS: You view a rough draft and give comments / feedback

WEEK 4: You're all set!

Let's be real, you just read that and said, "well I am doing all the work, why should I even hire you to help??"

I do all the design, I work on your CSS to make your website look like it's YOURS, I also strategize on how to present the content you provided me.

All-in-all – you're giving me a puzzle – I am putting together the pieces.