You're getting married!! (yay)

I am honored you're thinking of me for your wedding website — let's talk about how I do wedding websites...


Everything is unique for your unique relationship - not a cookie-cutter template.


Online RSVP made easy! I have a ton of setup options we can go over to see which one would make your life easiest :)


Multi-event, no problem! Weddings aren't just a ceremony and reception, a lot more happens and your website should help with that.

We can create extra pages for other events, password protect them or hide them and share the custom link with those who need to know the details!

Who I work best for,

👍 Couples who love good design and hate the cookie cutter wedding websites.

👎 Couples who just want a cheap wedding website.

I could use this to show you a ton of random wedding websites. However, my gallery of work is rather large. Every single piece having it's own style.

Just so you know, C&C Design Studio's website — I designed that.

Let me design a custom portfolio around your style so you can see the websites I've created that look like what you're looking for.

Fair, flexible, and love-able pricing


begins @ 319 399 you save 20% because of C&C Design Studio!

1-4 pages

1 photo gallery

1 rsvp form/portal

1 blog

2 events


begins @ 559 699 you save 20% because of C&C Design Studio!

1-8 pages

2 photo galleries

2 rsvp form/portal

1 blog

3 events

fully custom css (styling)

rose gold

begins @ 799 999 you save 20% because of C&C Design Studio!

1-12 pages

5 photo galleries

4 rsvp form/portal

2 blog

6 events

fully custom css (styling)

free custom url

rsvp storage & management


Deal brought to you by C&C Design Studio

Note: This plan is only for wedding clients, the pricing cannot be used for business/personal websites and can only be used for a wedding event.

Language Notice: Currently Wedding Websites are only available for the U.S.A. in English.

Domain URL Notice: Currently we only offer ".com", ".co", and ".us" domains included in the ROSE GOLD package.