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Chris Cardone Marketing

Chris Cardone Marketing

Helping brands build their brand.

Data-driven, conversion ran, and knowledge based.

Marketing done the way it should be.

My Logic.

I believe that marketing as described by Robert Cialdini breaks down to six influences, six main reasons why someone visits a store and buys something, why someone clicks an ad and click buy, and why someone goes from follower to buyer. I use this logic for ads, social media, and websites.

Chris Cardone Marketing

Areas of Practice

Social Media

Social Media Marketing Tips

I work to leverage the free world of social media to build a following and then using the social media copy to drive conversion from follower to buyer.

Landing pages

Landing Page Marketing

Creating landing pages with the right content attracting the right audience and engaging them to convert.

WEbSite Design Strategy

Website Design Strategy Marketing

Building the flow that begins with your visitors entrance to your site and ends with a conversions, leading to many more revisits!


Business Strategy

Creating high-level marketing strategies that deploy throughout the company to create a more aligned and better leveraged marketing scheme.



Building google/facebook/instagram ads that drive clicks throughs along with actual conversions by creating a lead flow that transitions them throughout your site and informs them of your product/service's value.


Blogging Marketing

Just like how 84.2% of visitors find my site, I believe blogs are the best SEO drivers.

Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well.
— Ann Handley


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