Chris Cardone Marketing is help for companies looking to bring their marketing to the new age.

With website innovation, email marketing, CRM connection, and much more. My focus is to empower your company and bring your team more sales every day through your new look and better marketing.



Updating your digital storefront is an essential first step in creating the brand you've always wanted and achieving those sales goals along with raising conversion rate!



Email marketing stands in the middle of visitors and buyers, updating the way that you deploy your email marketing can drastically aid in the number of qualified prospects in your funnel.



My help can lead to a great increase in sales and revenue. Due to the design and professional look of your website combinded with a new marketing platform.

Realizing when you need change.


Changing up your website should be done when you need to increase your sales and innovate your marketing.


The process.

  1. A quick introduction call, to see if our personalities are a good match!
  2. A plan discovery call to find out what would work best for you and your amazing business.
  3. Welcome packet – once you've selected your plan we send a welcome package to help you with the beginning steps of setting up your new marketing and design!
  4. The rest is history...

Why me.


I have been doing marketing and website design for a while and have developed a view on what marketing works and what doesn't work for companies.

I've worked with companies of all sizes to help them innovate their ways.


Spotlight Work;