My Full Story...


I began in videographer, well kinda. I worked for a media center as a producer.

I would showcase a video as proof, but they're all pretty cringey. So um yeah, don't think video is my "thing".


After about two years at the media center working in videography and production, I joined a wedding photography company and did freelance photography myself too!

I worked as one of the wedding photographers and the leader of sales/consultation — also, after we had a little financial downfall, I rebuilt the company in a few ways leading to our best year in company history! Want the full story? Click here »


I work at a tech-company in Boston, it's called Plannuh if you want to check it out! We're a cloud-based marketing budget management software company. I am on the marketing team.


I have my own company! Chris Cardone, LLC. is my company... it'd be a little weird if it wasn't, don't you agree?

I help businesses grow their online precense and grow their revenue + profit margins.