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The Photographer’s Guide to Marketing


Hello, friend!

My name is Chris, I am a marketing consultant, wedding photographer, and wedding planner.

I have built fellow photographer’s businesses for years now.

Bringing a business owner ready to put the camera down to picking it up every weekend and getting back in the business!

I’ll be your “teacher” throughout this course going over all the steps.

Here’s the course index;

01) Branding

02) Web Presense

03) Email Marketing

04) Paid Marketing

05) Client Experience

06) Pricing & Expanding

 Let’s Talk Branding

First, here’s a quick intro video to introduce you to the branding section;

〰 video here 〰

Let’s talk about that website…

Let’s talk email marketing… 

 Okay, let’s touch on paid marketing $

Time for client experience…

Let’s chat pricing & expanding marketings! 

that’s it.