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Email Marketing

Where do I start, what service do I use, what do I even send out?? No worries, I am here to help.

I never thought emails would increase sales by 163.5%... I now can’t imagine running my business without email marketing.
— Ashy, Owner - Mabrouk Imports

My pricing

Email marketing management has a few different fees;

a la carte

  1. The setup fee, usually $250

  2. The marketing stuff (so people can actually signup) $150

  3. Weekly Emails $200/month

  4. Monthly Emails $50/month

My Strategy

I match your emails to your consumer, if you’re in a personalized market, we’ll customize your emails to reflect that, making them look like an email you’d get from a friend.

However, if you’re in a market that loves those HTML heavy designed emails, we’ll set you up with those!

If you don’t know, we’ll do some A/B testing and find out for you :)


Email Marketing keeps your name at the top of your consumer’s mind, however, you might be wondering — how do I build my list?

Case Studies

Extra info

  • You get to pick from a list of hosting platforms!