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The Photographer’s Guide to Marketing

Ready to get more clients?


Hello, friend!

My name is Chris, I am a marketing consultant, wedding photographer, and wedding planner.

I have built fellow photographer’s businesses for years now.

Bringing a business owner ready to put the camera down to picking it up every weekend and getting back in the business!

I’ll be your “teacher” throughout this course going over all the steps.

Here’s the course index;

01) Branding

02) Web Presense

03) Email Marketing

04) Paid Marketing

05) Client Experience

Okay, so you take amazing photos, however, your business isn’t doing too great…

First, let’s talk about branding — do you have it?

If you’re a wedding photographer YOU NEED A BRAND. You instagram, facebook, emails, and especially website should SELL that brand.

01) Building a brand

01 - Your logo

Your logo needs to sell your brand, it should include 2-3 of your brand colors and have some fun, yet, easily readable fonts.

02 - Brand colors?

Pick 2-6 of your favorite colors that compliment each other

  • Color to website text

  • Color for website headings

  • Color for backgrounds

  • Color for buttons

  • Color for links

  • Logo color(s)

03 - Brand message

Are you high class, are you modern, are you affordable, whatever you are pick a message and STICK TO IT.

04 - Pricing

Your pricing is YOUR VALUE, if you charge $1,000 for 8 hours of photography your setting yourself at a low value - you need to price for your ability. If you’ve won awards-on-awards you should charge the price an award winner charges.

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02) Web Presence

So we just went over brand, now we need to go over how to get that brand across ONLINE, so let’s talk social media - you need it.

Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest, and everything else sets the path for your business.

01 - Keep posts looking on brand

Posting in the same color scheme / brightness level helps your instagram collection, meaning if a lot of your photos on instagram are warm and bright, only post warm and bright photos so you don’t run into that one black sheep of a post.

Also, sell your personality, throw up some photos of you being yourself in life, having fun, etc. Those types of posts are LOVED by audiences.

02 - Limit the hashtags

A lot of hashtags seem, desperate. Limit them and grow your audience using paid marketing or throw content sharing and reposting.

03 - Interact with your audience

Ask a question in a caption and reply to people’s responses. A lot of people following a social media account have this feeling like every business (even yours) is just too big to even talk to. This makes them not want to check out your website or anything like that. So, if you’re engaging and chatting with them in the comments you’re creating a welcoming environment that other followers will see and you’ll start to get a lot more engagement on every post.

My business has improved so much using Chris’ tips and tricks for easy in-expensive marketing!
— Robin Howard

03) Email Marketing

Suggested Platforms: Convertkit / Mailchimp

Now that your social media looks AMAZING and has people running to your website, let’s talk about emailing those visitors in mass and getting RESULTS.

01 - FORMS

You need to add these so people can signup, you can use the ones your email marketing providers sets you up with or you can use ones your website builder (like squarespace) provides you. A quick google search of “your website host’s name” + email newsletter form should bring up articles on how to set this up!

Make sure these forms have your brand color and all. Here’s an example form;

Form Checklist;

✅ Easy to read

✅ Clear call-to-action

✅ Incentivizes the viewer

✅ No more than 3 questions

02 - The confirmation email

This one is pretty important, you have to tell someone they’re on the list and maybe give them a little reward! In addition to that, this will also train their inbox that you’re not spam because they’ll be more likely to open this email because they just subscribed.

Try something like this;

Welcome to the family, thanks for signing up!

Here's what I send out;
- *quick overview of the content you send*

My couples love this because it gives them insight into the planning process and tells them more about best practices for planning their big day!

I know the wedding process, and all can get crazy, however, I am right here for you so let me know if you have any questions!

Here's a blog post all my couples find useful

Blog Post Name »

Have a good one, (subscriber's first name)! Chat again soon :)

03 - Automation

Let’s take a sigh of relief, we don’t have to write & send an email every day to be relevant, in fact that’ll just annoy subscribers.

Setup email marketing automation to automate when subscribers get what, let that confirmation email, you can automate that to send 1 minute after they join or 1 hour!

Then, maybe 2 days later you send a follow-up email with a free pricing guide for your photography services. 2 days after that you send another email with a list of the most helpful blogs that you have.

This automation WORKS because it’s timed around the subscriber, not around you.

We can even set it up so that one-week before someone’s wedding you send them a link to the day-of guide book!!

How the heck do I setup that up??

In MailChimp or Convertkit you just setup a new “automated” campaign and tell the app when to send each email! Want the step-by-step? Click here!

Free Teaser Brought to You By;


 05) Client Experience 

So, everything marketing worked, in the end you got some new clients, now it’s the experience that truly matters, so let’s talk about elevating the experience!

01 - Thank you box & email

A simple thank you box from BoxFox along with a personalized thank you letter and email will start your client off feeling LOVED.

First, the email right after they sign the contract saying thank you and going over the rest of the process and linking to a few blog posts will guide them through the process.

Second, the thank you box with the letter inside will warm their hearts and have you be their favorite vendor real quick.

Third, they’ll remember how amazing those things made them feel!

02 - Check-in and planning help

Checking in with every client and answering all their planning questions is the best way to get that 5-star review, make sure they know your door is always open and they’ll always be met with a loving response!

03 - friendly hello!

The day of, walk-in with the camera in the bag and hug everyone, introduce yourself and get to know everyone. Spending the first 5-10 minutes talking to everyone rather than running around with a camera will make everyone think “wow, I like that photographer”.


It’s their wedding day! The word “no” doesn’t exist, anything the bride wants should be met with an excited and energetic “yes” or “of course” to make sure they know you’re there for them! Keep giving them champagne and telling them jokes. Plus, if you want to be the best photographer every, leave them a card congratulating them on their new marriage.

05 - The next morning email

Email them the day after the wedding and tell them how amazing everything was and when the photos will be out and drop a subtle hint about where they can leave a review.

06 - Sending the photos

Send a warm email linking them to the photos and then drop another BIG hint on where they should leave a review ;)

07 - Refer a friend

Setup a program so that if they refer someone you send them a $25 VISA Gift Card and their friend gets X amount off their package! This will keep the referrals coming in.