Why your day job is killing the side-hustle


Hey friend!

I am always working with people who have AMAZING businesses, however, the thing killing them most is their 9-5.

Let's be real, you cannot work for "Company A" and try to run your "Company B" on the side.

Here's why;

1. Client Experience

You're leaving work to go to work -- that's just not healthy.

On top of that, if you have a customer-facing business (i.e., consultation), you're going to be chatting with customers while you're half asleep or on a time crunch having to run back to "Company A."

2. Mental Health


It's time to chat about it, you'll never be on your A-Game if you're stressed out, working 120 hours a week and trying to make two jobs work at the same time.

3. Income Fear

Please, do not quit your day job.

UNTIL your side job can pay for your life.

I am simply saying if your side hustle is making you the same income as the day job.

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