Keeping your leads interested and customers in the know

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So, you're trying to keep your leads interested in your product and your customers in the know, however, you don't want to spend hundreds on tools that don't look great.

No worries, Beamer is here.

Beamer is a easy-to-use newsfeed and changelog to announce relevant news, latest features and updates.

Beamer also has a Feedback and Reactions feature that allows you to see what your users think of your latest releases and news.

Best part - beamer can be customized to match your website and web design, a key thing for every web designer or company that wants to keep it on brand.

Here are a few fun facts about beamer;

 Beamer helps increase user engagement by keeping users informed of all the little updates and improvements you are constantly making that otherwise could go unnoticed or aren’t important enough to send by email

 This little announcement helper will get you up to 10x more user engagement and will help users learn new features and changes 3x faster

 For e-Commerce - users clicking on a Beamer announcement are more than 30% more likely to make a purchase

 No coding required - plug and play and start announcing immediately

 Announcements made in context, more likely to try new feature / click on offer


Okay, I know you're going to love beamer, so I teamed up with them.


Use promo code "beamer20x3" and you'll get 20% OFF.


Plus, they already offer an amazing 14-day trial!


psst... already using Zapier? Beamer integrates with them!

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Sponsored by Beamer