Mark your calendar for Boston’s Q4 Confidential

Graphic © Drift

Graphic © Drift

Boston’s Q4 Confidential is October 2nd at 5pm, this is an event for you to ask big leaders in the marketing world like Mike Volpe (CEO,, Jess Meher (VP of Marketing, Notarize), Elle Woulfe (VP of Marketing, PathFactory), Emmanuelle Skala (SVP of Customer Success, Toast), Josh Allen (Chief Revenue Officer, Drift), and Dave Gerhardt (VP of Marketing, Drift) questions.

In case the idea of being able to talk to CEOs and VPs of Marketing around the Boston area hasn’t made this event inviting enough here’s a little more info;

You’ll be matched with 2-3 people who are in a similar role to make connecting easy and help you build (or add to) your peer group in Boston.

Let’s talk about who these people are;

Mike Volpe

Industry: Leisure, Travel & Tourism

CEO of a company that helps companies with their employee’s travel expenses.

However, before Lola Mike was the CMO of Cybereason, a internet security company who released a pretty great documentary, check it out »

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Jess Meher

Industry: Legal

Jess is the VP of Marketing at Notorize, if you don’t know exactly what they do, here is a great commercial they released!


Elle Woulfe

Industry: Computer Software

Elle is the VP of Marketing at PathFactory.

PathFactory is content personalization, insights, and much more.

PathFactory’s Content Insight and Activation Platform helps B2B marketers understand the role of content in the buyer’s journey and discover a new class of data to optimize the path to purchase. PathFactory uses this data and insight to optimize content delivery across every channel, connecting buyers with the most relevant information whenever and wherever they click.


Emmanuelle Skala

Industry: Computer Software

Emmanuelle is the SVP of Customer Success at Toast, the company not the semi-burnt bread.

Toast is a POS (point-of-sale) company providing restaurants a better way of doing sales.

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Josh Allen

Industry: Conversational Marketing

Josh is the CRO at that cool company in Boston named Drift.

For the 3 people who don’t know what Drift is, they’re a live chat, email marketing, and ABM tool.

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Dave Gerhardt

Industry: Conversational Marketing

Dave is the VP of Marketing at Drift.

However, you’ve most likely already seen him, just think back to the last few LinkedIn videos you’ve watched, one of them was most likely his.

Gerhardt was one of Drift’s first hires and the co-host of Seeking Wisdom.

Okay, now that you have all this information, go sign-up!

p.s. this isn’t sponsored/endorsed by drift or any other company mentioned. I just think this event is going to be a powerhouse of info.

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