Keynote: How to have your customers be your sales team

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Key points

  1. Focusing on experience
  2. Simplifying the path
  3. Friendly marketing
  4. Tracking who came from where
  5. Using customer links to identify popular customers

focusing on experience

Your customer experience is the one driving factor that decides whether your customers will recommend you or criticize you to their friends.

Tip: If you think a customer is going to be a "trouble customer" cut them off. Trouble customers will become large problems down the road because they'll NEVER be happy.

Your customer experience can be started off perfect with a simple welcome email. Then, ended with a wrap it up email. These two emails pave the path for a perfect experience as they should go over all the little details of what's to come.

Simplifying the path

You can help the customer experience by making the way you do business, customer friendly. My best suggestion for cleaning the path is using something like Dubsado to create a client portal where all their information may be accessed with ease.

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Friendly Marketing

Keeping your site clean is important. Don't make your website look like a large scale advertisement, everyone is already there looking at you.

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Tracking who came from where

Keep track of sources is essential for good marketing. This should begin with your "created by" linking. Here's an example of my "created by" coding.

<!--- Removing this violates your contract with --->
  .ccmtext {font-family:CCMFont;color:white;}
  @font-face {
    font-family: 'CCMFont';
       src: url(' ');
<center><a target="_blank" href="" style="text-decoration:none;"><p class="ccmtext">WEBSITE BY CHRIS CARDONE MARKETING</p>
<!--- Removing this violates your contract with --->

That coding turns into this;


This not only perfectly embeds in every clients footer, is customizable with a few keyboard clicks, but it also features some pretty heavy analytical tracking.

To set this up you can use Google Analytics UTM tracking with for keeping things short.

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Using customer links to identify popular customers

So, if you're tracking the "created by" link and notice a customer skyrocketing in your analytics, make sure to thank them, not only with cash but also with a thank you letter and blog post. This customers audience loves your work and has interest in your industry. Therefore, you should get their help to gain more customers.

Customers like this are important and could be great prospects for your simple affiliate program.

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