How to Design for Conversion


Design your website with a "flow" in mind, the flow in which you want each and every direct traffic visitor to go through.

Think of this flow like a path, one that defines what page a visitor begins on and what page they convert on and every page that comes in-between those two stages.


How do I build my path?

Easy – First, you should have Google Analytics (or, any other website traffic events tracker), open your dashboard and look for the following;

  1. Top Visited Page

  2. Page with Longest View Duration

  3. Page with Most Form Fills

  4. Page with Most Click-Through

  5. Page with Highest Abandonment Rate

Then, take this data and use it to build your 3-5 page flow.

First Page should be your most visited, this is because it already has great SEO, now build this page to be a landing page, have it push for the person to continue to the next page.

Second Page should be the page with the longest view duration then make sure throughout this page it has links to the next page.

(Optional) Third Page should be the page with the highest click-through rate.

Last Page should be the page with the highest form fills, make sure the form it easily findable, and if the page has more content have links that skip to where the form is.

Page To Exclude is your page with the highest abandonment rate, this page should never be included in your flow. However, you should always reread the content on this page and keep the amount/type on this page.


Now that you have your flow, begin on the design of the pages in this flow.

Here is what each page should have;

  1. Entrance Page

    1. Tons of Links to Next Page

    2. Easy Subscribe Form

    3. Direct Link to Conversion Page

  2. Second Page

    1. Info about you

    2. Links to Next Page

    3. Easy Subscribe Form

  3. (Optional) Third Page

    1. More Info

    2. Customer Quotes

    3. Explain Value

    4. Tons of Links Throughout Page to Next Page

    5. Multiple Subscribe Forms

  4. Conversion Page

    1. Form

    2. Brief Summary

    3. If Form has Content Above – Link to Form's Section