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Conquering Social Media


Social Media is an ever-so-changing realm where statistics attached to stranger's profiles and posts decides their wealth or lack-there-of. Whilst is is near impossible to make it to the top, it is oh-so easy to far back to the bottom.

Conquering this beast in which we have entitled the "social realm" is a task many companies for years considered "unnecessary" or was quickly deprioritized. However, social media is a *almost* free advertisement platforms for brands to promote their product at no cost. Of course, I say "almost" simply because of the sponsorships and ads that companies may also leverage.

So, how do you conquer social media? Well, for companies to truly build a following they have to become known to their audience.

Example; The event booking app "SeatGeek" sponsored the popular youtuber David Dobrik, who then promoted the app several times...

...after Dobrik's following saw SeatGeek the app become extremely popular, skyrocketing to the home page of the App Store almost every-other-day.

The Dobrik + SeatGeek example is representative of a sponsorship, which is something that many brands do with popular influencers, they exchange money for promotion, then, that promotion usually (for most brands) grows them a native following on their profiles. This following growth when leverages properly leads to more sales, traffic, and conversions!