Designing A Client Workflow


What is a client workflow?

A client workflow is the path all your clients go through from inquiry to competition to ensure the full client experience has been delivered and that the client is getting exactly what they paid for.

Why do I need one?

Client workflows help keep you on track, you can easily see who still has tasks to be completed and who is ready to go!

I personally use Hubspot Deals to track this.

Hubspot Deals lets me place each client in a easy to manage workflow, here’s what my pipeline usually looks like for website design clients;


This simple Hubspot Deal Pipeline is SO easy to make and even easier to manage.

However, let’s jump back, before the pipeline is even made;

In order to establish the steps of this pipeline we have to think about what you want your client to experience each step of the way.

If you’re a website designer like me, your pipeline looks something like this;

  1. Inquiry

  2. Hello Call

  3. Send Quote

  4. Contract Signed

  5. Welcome Care Package

  6. In-Depth Call

  7. Draft Website Delivered

  8. Asset Gathering Stage

  9. Final Draft Delivered

  10. Final Draft Approved

  11. Ship Launch Congrats Box

  12. Pre-Launch Call

  13. Launch Day!!

Now let’s talk about why my pipeline is this way;

I begin with a call to enforce some form of personality. I usually do calls via then after our long call where they tell me all about their amazing idea we jump into pricing. At the end of the call I schedule their in-depth call and send their quote along for approval.

After they approve the quote, a contract is automatically sent! Once they sign that I order a welcome care package via, I try to schedule the delivery of the box one day before the draft site is delivered!

Then, they’re enjoying the Birthday Cake Caramels and loving their website’s drafts I then send them an email going over all the assets we need so we’re on the same page.

Once we get everything together and the Trello board is complete I then package up the final draft and send it along!

Right when they approve their final draft I order the Congrats / Launch box via then we schedule their launch date!

Five days before their launch we have a pre-launch call where we go over everything they need to know about the website, all the tracking methods, how to edit the HTML, ect.


Why I do this?

If you didn’t notice this goes pretty in-depth, making it an extremely clear process where they always understand the status of their website.

Clients love this because they have clarity since my process always remains the same and I can promise the same process to every client.

So, now that you have some #PipelineInspiration what pipelines will you create?