Branding Sessions for Bloggers

I don’t fully consider myself a “blogger”, however, my brand is about me, well, about my knowledge in marketing and topics related. However, when building a website, you need the brand to be about YOU.

So, you need a branding session, here’s what that normally looks like.

As someone who designs websites and has seen the “yikes” work that some photographers give clients, Lena Mirisola in Boston was a breathe of fresh air and a day saver!

See that photo of just my camera, that’s AMAZING for branding and Lena caught that without me even asking! That’s a true pro.

Why branding sessions matter,

First off, your brand is you. So, the person in those photos should be YOU.

As for stock images, they work, when they are among images of yourself that are representative of your personality.

Secondly, without this branding without these personality infused images of yourself on your site – your brand stands to possibly fall flat.

Or, as I like to call it, it falls into a pit of stock photos.

How much does it cost?

Branding sessions like these run about $350+ mattering on the photographer.

Not in Boston? Click here for a good google search!

When do I get one?

Although I wish I could say every day, this is a purposeful action and budget item. You should get this branding shoot when you’re launching or revamping your brand. This isn’t something to attempt to infuse with a pre-exisiting branding as it may create a “cluttered” look rather than the put together appeal you’re going for.