Why Dubsado is a Must

Okay, so I usually like to keep the apps I am using private because I change up my stack pretty often to fit the needs. However, Dubsado is a keeper.

First off, their support team is top notch; I mean replies in 10 seconds type of support! And, they send fun gifs (alongside their knowledge filled response) that just makes you feel like family.

Second, it's easy to use and setup. Plus, it introduces workflows, forms, contracts, invoices, and almost everything else that would typically require 20 different apps to-do.

Third, the pricing won't break the bank. The pricing is so reasonable; you feel bad — the amount of time you save using the app makes up for the mere $30* per month within the first few days.

Fourth, clients LOVE IT. All my clients are getting their own portal, and it just makes me look 10x more professional and helps them keep all their files in one convenient place!

What makes them special


Dubsado is one of the very few project/client management apps with a client portal at an affordable price.

Other companies like Honeybook are suitable for client management. However, the client's side is still just emails-on-emails.

With dubsado, my clients can log in and view every email they've ever gotten from me and all the invoices/contracts/forms/payments/etc., Within just a few clicks.

BONUS: If you already have a CRM Dubsado is offering white-glove migration service (this is rare) where they will transfer your contacts and everything from your old service to theirs (learn more »)

I could tell you more and more, however, I think you should go check it out for yourself and if you use code "chris" you get 20% off your first month!

Who I suggest this for;

  • Creatives

  • Photographers

  • Designers

  • Small Business

  • Project-Based Businesses

this post isn't sponsored/endorsed by Dubsado, however, through my link/code I am recieving a little "kickback" if you signup.
* - pricing varies based on needs and number of clients.