Why CSAT is essential and how we used it across the entire funnel to rebuild the funnel

CSAT (customer satisfaction rating) is commonly just used as a hard-ask after the closing of a customer support ticket. However, our customer support team doesn’t control the entire customer life cycle.

During my time in leadership at C&C Design Studio we expanding the CSAT ask to all communications and changed it from a hard-ask which we consider as an email that usually has the subject “How did {{agent}} do?” and a few emoji options to a passive ask which was below our email signature and asked “How good was this email?” followed by emojis.

The reasoning behind this being we dramatically grew the company, we went from just being wedding photographers to offering planning to building the Dance School division and the Real Estate Divison; we knew that not 100% of our customers were loving the process they had gone through.

So, we took six months to add this CSAT ask passively to every email sent ever and introduced hard-asks at the end of support tickets, closings of sales, and post the event.

These CSATs told us a lot. First off, I am going to go over how we organized this data because CSAT data is dangerous when unorganized since it could lead to blaming the wrong team entirely.

We used Survicate and built ten surveys;

  1. Sales (Weddings)

  2. Sales (Dance)

  3. Sales (Real Estate)

  4. Sales (Portraits)

  5. Support (General)

  6. Support (Dance)

  7. Support (Wedding)

  8. Editors (Wedding)

  9. Editors (General)

  10. Automation Emails

We did this so we could have granular data as to which team was getting what scores. Additionally, we used hidden fields in the URL to tell us the representative and in some cases the subject line that was being rated.

On top of a lot of data collection, we had daily reports emailed to everyone on the team, with the names and specific information redacted, so everyone would know how we did. Our team operated as a family, we had the moto that we thrived together and fail together.

After permitting this six months to accrue the right amount of data we reviewed everything.

The results, our team was doing stuff wrong. First off, we had a lot of times where someone would inquire and they would be triaged where someone from support replies with “Hey I am forwarding you to your sales rep, they’ll email you back soon” this wasn’t because sales 100% needed to handle that email but because support didn’t know how to do sales stuff and vice-versa. Additionally, we made mistakes, we didn’t give everyone access to all software; our thought was that support didn’t need access to marketing and sales and sales didn’t need access to support, everything integrated so they saw overviews but no one got the full context.

So, to fix this triaging issue because it was the root cause of 67% of the negative CSATs, we released a mass amount of internal documentation to the entire team so everyone could do anything on their own, and only needed to forward should the person still be in the middle of a extremely delicate sales process.

Additionally, we consolidated our live chat to only being via @Drift — at first we used @Drift on the marketing site and @Intercom on the internal in-app client pages or once someone converts to a client, however, we noticed the fact that we had two caused delay in response we pushed everyone to watch and learn from Drift University (highly suggest) and trained support and sales on handing off chats and managing the shared inbox.

On top of that, we also learned from the sales email fails. Our CSATs on sales emails taught us about our audience — our team at first never liked to talk pricing in the first email, however, people gave this a negative score because they didn’t know whether they should email back since they didn’t know if we were in the budget.

Additionally, when we tried to do a quick fix and add a pricing page link people found that “lazy” and rude since it left the consumer to figure out which package was right for them.

We fixed this by saying “Our starting price is 2800, however, we have an assortment of packages which I would be thrilled to help you navigate or should none of those work we can custom make one specific to you!”

This fix yielded a major spike in love for the sales team!

The summary; CSAT isn’t just for support, embedding it into all your messages (even automated ones) will allow your customers to share their thoughts more often and help you perfect every process.

Our CSATs are still running and increased dramatically after these changes, in fact, we found a rise in referral rate for the customers who onboarded after these changes went into effect!

So, if your seeing shortfalls in the customer journey, add in some quick CSAT asks and see where those falls are truly beginning.

Lastly, if you want to do this and think you don’t have the budget. You can always use something cheaper like a Google Form with prefill form fields or just a custom form on your site with some custom coding to accept hidden fields.

CSAT doesn’t have to cost a lot, but the amount it says is priceless.

Why your day job is killing the side-hustle


Hey friend!

I am always working with people who have AMAZING businesses, however, the thing killing them most is their 9-5.

Let's be real, you cannot work for "Company A" and try to run your "Company B" on the side.

Here's why;

1. Client Experience

You're leaving work to go to work -- that's just not healthy.

On top of that, if you have a customer-facing business (i.e., consultation), you're going to be chatting with customers while you're half asleep or on a time crunch having to run back to "Company A."

2. Mental Health


It's time to chat about it, you'll never be on your A-Game if you're stressed out, working 120 hours a week and trying to make two jobs work at the same time.

3. Income Fear

Please, do not quit your day job.

UNTIL your side job can pay for your life.

I am simply saying if your side hustle is making you the same income as the day job.

Suggested Subscriptions

Protect the Hustle by Profit Well

Designing A Client Workflow


What is a client workflow?

A client workflow is the path all your clients go through from inquiry to competition to ensure the full client experience has been delivered and that the client is getting exactly what they paid for.

Why do I need one?

Client workflows help keep you on track, you can easily see who still has tasks to be completed and who is ready to go!

I personally use Hubspot Deals to track this.

Hubspot Deals lets me place each client in a easy to manage workflow, here’s what my pipeline usually looks like for website design clients;


This simple Hubspot Deal Pipeline is SO easy to make and even easier to manage.

However, let’s jump back, before the pipeline is even made;

In order to establish the steps of this pipeline we have to think about what you want your client to experience each step of the way.

If you’re a website designer like me, your pipeline looks something like this;

  1. Inquiry

  2. Hello Call

  3. Send Quote

  4. Contract Signed

  5. Welcome Care Package

  6. In-Depth Call

  7. Draft Website Delivered

  8. Asset Gathering Stage

  9. Final Draft Delivered

  10. Final Draft Approved

  11. Ship Launch Congrats Box

  12. Pre-Launch Call

  13. Launch Day!!

Now let’s talk about why my pipeline is this way;

I begin with a call to enforce some form of personality. I usually do calls via Zoom.us then after our long call where they tell me all about their amazing idea we jump into pricing. At the end of the call I schedule their in-depth call and send their quote along for approval.

After they approve the quote, a contract is automatically sent! Once they sign that I order a welcome care package via ShopBoxFox.com, I try to schedule the delivery of the box one day before the draft site is delivered!

Then, they’re enjoying the Birthday Cake Caramels and loving their website’s drafts I then send them an email going over all the assets we need so we’re on the same page.

Once we get everything together and the Trello board is complete I then package up the final draft and send it along!

Right when they approve their final draft I order the Congrats / Launch box via ShopBoxFox.com then we schedule their launch date!

Five days before their launch we have a pre-launch call where we go over everything they need to know about the website, all the tracking methods, how to edit the HTML, ect.


Why I do this?

If you didn’t notice this goes pretty in-depth, making it an extremely clear process where they always understand the status of their website.

Clients love this because they have clarity since my process always remains the same and I can promise the same process to every client.

So, now that you have some #PipelineInspiration what pipelines will you create?

Branding Sessions for Bloggers

I don’t fully consider myself a “blogger”, however, my brand is about me, well, about my knowledge in marketing and topics related. However, when building a website, you need the brand to be about YOU.

So, you need a branding session, here’s what that normally looks like.

As someone who designs websites and has seen the “yikes” work that some photographers give clients, Lena Mirisola in Boston was a breathe of fresh air and a day saver!

See that photo of just my camera, that’s AMAZING for branding and Lena caught that without me even asking! That’s a true pro.

Why branding sessions matter,

First off, your brand is you. So, the person in those photos should be YOU.

As for stock images, they work, when they are among images of yourself that are representative of your personality.

Secondly, without this branding without these personality infused images of yourself on your site – your brand stands to possibly fall flat.

Or, as I like to call it, it falls into a pit of stock photos.

How much does it cost?

Branding sessions like these run about $350+ mattering on the photographer.

Not in Boston? Click here for a good google search!

When do I get one?

Although I wish I could say every day, this is a purposeful action and budget item. You should get this branding shoot when you’re launching or revamping your brand. This isn’t something to attempt to infuse with a pre-exisiting branding as it may create a “cluttered” look rather than the put together appeal you’re going for.

Mark your calendar for Boston’s Q4 Confidential

Mark your calendar for Boston’s Q4 Confidential

Graphic © Drift, Inc.

Keeping your leads interested and customers in the know

Site with open sidebar.png

So, you're trying to keep your leads interested in your product and your customers in the know, however, you don't want to spend hundreds on tools that don't look great.

No worries, Beamer is here.

Beamer is a easy-to-use newsfeed and changelog to announce relevant news, latest features and updates.

Beamer also has a Feedback and Reactions feature that allows you to see what your users think of your latest releases and news.

Best part - beamer can be customized to match your website and web design, a key thing for every web designer or company that wants to keep it on brand.

Here are a few fun facts about beamer;

 Beamer helps increase user engagement by keeping users informed of all the little updates and improvements you are constantly making that otherwise could go unnoticed or aren’t important enough to send by email

 This little announcement helper will get you up to 10x more user engagement and will help users learn new features and changes 3x faster

 For e-Commerce - users clicking on a Beamer announcement are more than 30% more likely to make a purchase

 No coding required - plug and play and start announcing immediately

 Announcements made in context, more likely to try new feature / click on offer


Okay, I know you're going to love beamer, so I teamed up with them.


Use promo code "beamer20x3" and you'll get 20% OFF.


Plus, they already offer an amazing 14-day trial!


psst... already using Zapier? Beamer integrates with them!

Zapier integration.png
Sponsored by Beamer

Why Dubsado is a Must

Okay, so I usually like to keep the apps I am using private because I change up my stack pretty often to fit the needs. However, Dubsado is a keeper.

First off, their support team is top notch; I mean replies in 10 seconds type of support! And, they send fun gifs (alongside their knowledge filled response) that just makes you feel like family.

Second, it's easy to use and setup. Plus, it introduces workflows, forms, contracts, invoices, and almost everything else that would typically require 20 different apps to-do.

Third, the pricing won't break the bank. The pricing is so reasonable; you feel bad — the amount of time you save using the app makes up for the mere $30* per month within the first few days.

Fourth, clients LOVE IT. All my clients are getting their own portal, and it just makes me look 10x more professional and helps them keep all their files in one convenient place!

What makes them special


Dubsado is one of the very few project/client management apps with a client portal at an affordable price.

Other companies like Honeybook are suitable for client management. However, the client's side is still just emails-on-emails.

With dubsado, my clients can log in and view every email they've ever gotten from me and all the invoices/contracts/forms/payments/etc., Within just a few clicks.

BONUS: If you already have a CRM Dubsado is offering white-glove migration service (this is rare) where they will transfer your contacts and everything from your old service to theirs (learn more »)

I could tell you more and more, however, I think you should go check it out for yourself and if you use code "chris" you get 20% off your first month!

Who I suggest this for;

  • Creatives

  • Photographers

  • Designers

  • Small Business

  • Project-Based Businesses

this post isn't sponsored/endorsed by Dubsado, however, through my link/code I am recieving a little "kickback" if you signup.
* - pricing varies based on needs and number of clients.

Case Study: C&C Design Studio



The needs;

  1. A CRM

  2. A New Look

  3. Better Brand Color

FIRST: The Logo

The logo changed to be more simple and on brand.

Purple is a very dark color, especially when the gray beside it is also dull, it makes it look too relaxed and never pop-out.

While, Pink and our Light Gray color stands out to the eye and matches the white look of elegance our website maintains.

SECOND: Homepage

Updating the copy and the coloring of the homepage along with showing off their awards.

THIRD: The Contact Us Page

Adding quotes from past customers to push people to inquire and fill out all the form fields!

How to Design for Conversion

How to Design for Conversion

Design your website with a "flow" in mind, the flow in which you want each and every direct traffic visitor to go through.