Keynote: How to have your customers be your sales team

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Key points

  1. Focusing on experience
  2. Simplifying the path
  3. Friendly marketing
  4. Tracking who came from where
  5. Using customer links to identify popular customers

focusing on experience

Your customer experience is the one driving factor that decides whether your customers will recommend you or criticize you to their friends.

Tip: If you think a customer is going to be a "trouble customer" cut them off. Trouble customers will become large problems down the road because they'll NEVER be happy.

Your customer experience can be started off perfect with a simple welcome email. Then, ended with a wrap it up email. These two emails pave the path for a perfect experience as they should go over all the little details of what's to come.

Simplifying the path

You can help the customer experience by making the way you do business, customer friendly. My best suggestion for cleaning the path is using something like Dubsado to create a client portal where all their information may be accessed with ease.

Good blogs to read;
Why Dubsado is a must »

Friendly Marketing

Keeping your site clean is important. Don't make your website look like a large scale advertisement, everyone is already there looking at you.

Good blogs to read;
Stop looking like an advertisement » Coming Soon

Tracking who came from where

Keep track of sources is essential for good marketing. This should begin with your "created by" linking. Here's an example of my "created by" coding.

<!--- Removing this violates your contract with --->
  .ccmtext {font-family:CCMFont;color:white;}
  @font-face {
    font-family: 'CCMFont';
       src: url(' ');
<center><a target="_blank" href="" style="text-decoration:none;"><p class="ccmtext">WEBSITE BY CHRIS CARDONE MARKETING</p>
<!--- Removing this violates your contract with --->

That coding turns into this;


This not only perfectly embeds in every clients footer, is customizable with a few keyboard clicks, but it also features some pretty heavy analytical tracking.

To set this up you can use Google Analytics UTM tracking with for keeping things short.

Good blogs to read;
Using Google Analytics »

Using customer links to identify popular customers

So, if you're tracking the "created by" link and notice a customer skyrocketing in your analytics, make sure to thank them, not only with cash but also with a thank you letter and blog post. This customers audience loves your work and has interest in your industry. Therefore, you should get their help to gain more customers.

Customers like this are important and could be great prospects for your simple affiliate program.

Want to learn how to setup a FREE & USEFUL affiliate program?
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What is a wrap it up email?

This email closes the client experience, it should go over the following;

  1. What you did
  2. The total cost
  3. Amount remaining
  4. Saying goodbye


Hey {{clientname}}!

Everything is over! Although, I will miss chatting with you, I am happy I was able to provide you {{service}}!

Just so you know the remaining balance is {{$$}} which is due by {{date}} :)

I wanted to recap on everything we did;

  1. {{items}}

Have an amazing rest of your week! I wish you and {{companyname}} all the best!

What is a welcome email?

What is a welcome email? This email sets the tone for the client experience!

Here's what is should cover;

  1. What they're getting
  2. The process
  3. How long everything will take
  4. The cost
  5. When they need to pay

Here's my example;

Hey {{clientname}}!

Welcome to the Chris Cardone Marketing Family! To get started here's everything you need to know for the first few steps;

Since you went with {{service}} the cost is going to be in total {{total}} this can be paid every {{#}} months for {{#}} months.

As for the process here are the key steps;

  1. {{steps}}

This will all take {{time}}.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Keeping your leads interested and customers in the know

Site with open sidebar.png

So, you're trying to keep your leads interested in your product and your customers in the know, however, you don't want to spend hundreds on tools that don't look great.

No worries, Beamer is here.

Beamer is a easy-to-use newsfeed and changelog to announce relevant news, latest features and updates.

Beamer also has a Feedback and Reactions feature that allows you to see what your users think of your latest releases and news.

Best part - beamer can be customized to match your website and web design, a key thing for every web designer or company that wants to keep it on brand.

Here are a few fun facts about beamer;

 Beamer helps increase user engagement by keeping users informed of all the little updates and improvements you are constantly making that otherwise could go unnoticed or aren’t important enough to send by email

 This little announcement helper will get you up to 10x more user engagement and will help users learn new features and changes 3x faster

 For e-Commerce - users clicking on a Beamer announcement are more than 30% more likely to make a purchase

 No coding required - plug and play and start announcing immediately

 Announcements made in context, more likely to try new feature / click on offer


Okay, I know you're going to love beamer, so I teamed up with them.


Use promo code "beamer20x3" and you'll get 20% OFF.


Plus, they already offer an amazing 14-day trial!


psst... already using Zapier? Beamer integrates with them!

Zapier integration.png
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Why Dubsado is a must.

Okay, so I usually like to keep the apps I am using private because I change up my stack pretty often to fit the needs. However, Dubsado is a keeper.

First off, their support team is top notch; I mean replies in 10 seconds type of support! And, they send fun gifs (alongside their knowledge filled response) that just makes you feel like family.

Second, it's easy to use and setup. Plus, it introduces workflows, forms, contracts, invoices, and almost everything else that would typically require 20 different apps to-do.

Third, the pricing won't break the bank. The pricing is so reasonable; you feel bad — the amount of time you save using the app makes up for the mere $30* per month within the first few days.

Fourth, clients LOVE IT. All my clients are getting their own portal, and it just makes me look 10x more professional and helps them keep all their files in one convenient place!

What makes them special


Dubsado is one of the very few project/client management apps with a client portal at an affordable price.

Other companies like Honeybook are suitable for client management. However, the client's side is still just emails-on-emails.

With dubsado, my clients can log in and view every email they've ever gotten from me and all the invoices/contracts/forms/payments/etc., Within just a few clicks.

BONUS: If you already have a CRM Dubsado is offering white-glove migration service (this is rare) where they will transfer your contacts and everything from your old service to theirs (learn more »)

I could tell you more and more, however, I think you should go check it out for yourself and if you use code "chris" you get 20% off your first month!

Who I suggest this for;

  • Creatives
  • Photographers
  • Designers
  • Small Business
  • Project-Based Businesses
this post isn't sponsored/endorsed by Dubsado, however, through my link/code I am recieving a little "kickback" if you signup.
* - pricing varies based on needs and number of clients.

Case Study: C&C Design Studio



The needs;

  1. A CRM
  2. A New Look
  3. Better Brand Color

FIRST: The Logo

The logo changed to be more simple and on brand.

Purple is a very dark color, especially when the gray beside it is also dull, it makes it look too relaxed and never pop-out.

While, Pink and our Light Gray color stands out to the eye and matches the white look of elegance our website maintains.

SECOND: Homepage

Updating the copy and the coloring of the homepage along with showing off their awards.

THIRD: The Contact Us Page

Adding quotes from past customers to push people to inquire and fill out all the form fields!